BitcoinGOD’s successor technology planning

Bitcoin God is a borderless non-profit peer-to-peer organization. Our vision is to leverage a decentralized platform to solve the many problems created by existing centralized system. Bitcoin God as a blockchain based network will enable tracking of each ledger transaction in a transparent and clear fashion. The token holders of Bitcoin God can pinpoint whoever they are trying to help via our peer-to-peer blockchain accurately.

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The Global Node Plan

Through discussion and decision of the BitcoinGOD foundation, the global node deployment plan will be launched soon. Major exchanges and media can apply for launching BitcoinGOD node, and each node can get 1,000 GOD as the basic mine pool. Continue reading “The Global Node Plan”

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BitcoinGOD v0.1.5.0 Released

The new version has been released. In the new version, we fixed Bitcoin bug.(#14249 696b936 Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction (TheBlueMatt, sdaftuar)), if you want to know detail, please click here

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BitcoinGOD fast block initialize solution

Because BitcoinGOD is a fork of Bitcoin at height of 501225, and upward compatible, users who access the BitcoinGOD network at first time need to synchronize the 501225 bitcoin blocks (about 150 Gb). In the purpose of accelerating data synchronization of complete blocks, users can choose to download the blockchain to the height of 501225 from a Bitcoin core node until the block where the fork for BitcoinGOD happened. Then users will download the official BitcoinGOD transactions from BitcoinGOD nodes. (tips: if the connected node do not have any BitcoinGOD node, the QT wallet will not synchronize the blocks after the height of 501255 until a BitcoinGOD node has been connected.)

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