New version plan in May

In purpose of providing better service, we plan to release BitcoinGOD Core desktop wallet and introduce new features in succession for some time to come.

The coming features:

  • Mnemonics import for users before the fork
  • POS mining function
  • BitcoinGOD Core desktop wallet new version updated function

BitcoinGOD is a BTC fork, we welcome the user before the fork using BitcoinGOD Core desktop wallet to make 1:1 claim for GOD token. BitcoinGOD is a borderless peer-to-peer charity system. We warmly invite all users to participate in our charity work and do our best to contribute to charity.

BitcoinGOD use POS consensus agreement; all users can do mining work and get reap the benefits by using BitcoinGOD Core desktop wallet. POS mining does not need professional mining equipment, which significantly reduce the power consumption, users can participate in mining work in a low cost. Comparing to POW mining method, POS show more decentralization.

In the purpose of providing better service to all users, we will push message to remind users when the BitcoinGOD Core desktop wallet is released. In the message all the content of updated features or newly added functions will be included.



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