BitcoinGOD version released

BitcoinGOD version was released. The btc holder before the fork can claim 1:1 GOD token by the import function. We provide three ways of import: recovery phrase, private key string and private key file. Because BitcoinGOD is the fork of bitcoin, the fork height is 501225, the import process need to scan all local block, the import process takes about 120 minutes, depending on your PC configuration.


Operation procedure

  1. Click ‘file’-‘import’
  2. Choose the way to import
  3. Import recovery phrase, start import process

1. BitcoinGOD Core desktop wallet is a safety cold wallet, all the information is stored in local client, that will not have any interaction with the server, please feel free to use.

2. If there is an unexpectedly interruption in the import process (power failure, accidentally shutdown), please re-enter the recovery phrase or the private key, and then click ‘re-import’ button to continue the claim operation, to make sure that you claim the GOD tokens successfully.


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