BitcoinGOD POS automatic mining feature officially released

BitcoinGOD version has been released. Users can using wallet to mining, need professional mining equipment no more, that reduce the amount of power consumption, Users will not be limited by the computers’ configuration.

Note: BitcoinGOD uses POS algorithm to mine. It needs GOD token in the account to start mining work.


Operation procedure:

  1. Without any extra operations, just open the BitcoinGOD Core QT wallet and make sure the wallet is in the mining state. The mining reward will be allocated to the balance of ‘immature’ (mining reward and the tokens used to mine will be identified as ‘immature’). In order to prevent fork, the immature balance will take 500 block delays before you can use it.
  2. When the small icon status is the same with the shown below, it is in the status of mining stop, please unlock your wallet. The mining work uses the POS mechanism, when the wallet is locked or there is no GOD token, the mining work can not be started.
  3. Unlock the wallet, open the menu click settings-unlock wallet

    Input password, click ‘ok’ to unlock the wallet
  4. In case of mining successfully, you can find the record of the money you’ve dug.
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