BitcoinGOD V0.1.3.0 version released

Focus on the flash back problem on V, we did more operating system environment compatibility and add a new feature for new version upgrade management alerts.

For better service, we added a new version upgrade management feature to the BitcoinGOD Core QT wallet. The new feature will alert users to update their wallet to new version. For major milestone features, which will be claimed for mandatory upgrade, users must upgrade to the latest version before they can continue to use the wallet. For regular version updates, users can selective update.

Meanwhile for the better user experience of the wallet’s new features (POS mining, the users before the fork 1:1 claiming for GOD tokens etc.), we strongly recommend that all old users update your wallet to the latest version V (down to replace the original execution file directly. Users do not need to resynchronize the block) Download

At present, BitcoinGOD development team completed the preliminary test of mac10.11-10.13, win64, win32 for the BitcoinGOD Core QT wallet. You are welcome to use the wallet and give us feedback for any question in using it. (email: We will improve in time.



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