BitcoinGOD fast block initialize solution

Because BitcoinGOD is a fork of Bitcoin at height of 501225, and upward compatible, users who access the BitcoinGOD network at first time need to synchronize the 501225 bitcoin blocks (about 150 Gb). In the purpose of accelerating data synchronization of complete blocks, users can choose to download the blockchain to the height of 501225 from a Bitcoin core node until the block where the fork for BitcoinGOD happened. Then users will download the official BitcoinGOD transactions from BitcoinGOD nodes. (tips: if the connected node do not have any BitcoinGOD node, the QT wallet will not synchronize the blocks after the height of 501255 until a BitcoinGOD node has been connected.)

Operation process:

Use BitcoinGOD core QT wallet to add a BTC node IP address to the sync process. (the BTC node IP list can be found by the method provided in the appendix)

  1. Open the QT wallet, click ‘Help-Debug Window’ choose ‘Console’ to open the command window.
  2. Run command ‘addnode’ to add a BTC node to BitcoinGOD sync node list. (using the method provided in appendix to get BTC node IP)E.g. To add a BTC node whose IP is to sync process, input the command line in the console: addnode add.Warning:Once it reaches the block 501255, turn off the BitcoinGOD QT wallet, browse to the root installation folder, delete the file ‘peers.dat’ and restart the wallet (the QT wallet will connect to BitcoinGOD full node and continue the sync).TIPs:
    • 8333 is the BTC node port, all BTC node IP should follow it
    • You can only add one node IP each command
    • You are recommended to choose a node with the IP in a same region with your truly location. (using some websites that provide IP location query)
    • Use command ‘getaddednodeinfo’ to know whether the BTC node has been added successfully

Appendix: Bitcoin sync node query method

  1. Open your command prompt (“cmd” in windows)
  2. Using ‘nslookup’ command to get the BTC node information (the command is same in Win/Mac), run the command listed below. Each command line will feedback multiple IPs, users can choose according to their needs.
  • nslookup
  • nslookup
  • nslookup
  • nslookup
  • nslookup
  • nslookup
  1. Get the node IP list, add the IPs to BitcoinGOD sync nodes (we recommended adding 3-5 BTC nodes to speed up the sync process)



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