The Global Node Plan

Through discussion and decision of the BitcoinGOD foundation, the global node deployment plan will be launched soon. Major exchanges and media can apply for launching BitcoinGOD node, and each node can get 1,000 GOD as the basic mine pool.
The award will be obtained through the POS algorithm and owned by the node. The rules are as follows:

1.After the exchange deploys the nodes and releases the online announcement, the name of the exchange, the IP address of the service node and the GOD collection address shall be sent to the official email address of GOD:
2.After the announcement of the launch of the exchange, the official confirmation will be token, the first batch of 100 exchanges will receive 1,000 GOD rewards in a lump sum, and the second batch of 100 exchanges will receive 1,000 GOD rewards on average in two years.
3.After media contact and post the announcement, it will automatically become a node, and 1,000 GOD nodes will be awarded equally in two years
4.After the activity, the official website will publish the name, IP address and other information of all nodes.


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